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Cormac Porter

Creative Media Producer

I am a driven and creative individual with a wide range of skills in Audio Production, Photography, Graphic Design and Radio with a long term goal of becoming a Creative Director.


I am a graduand of BA Honours Creative Digital Media degree, expected graduation from Technological University Dublin in October. I am well versed in Adobe Suite and Pro Tools with a passion for creative projects.

I have spent a semester abroad at Arcada University of Applied Sciences  in Helsinki, where I studied music production and film.

My most recent work was an installation project for my final year degree which was situated in an old shipping container - from which I received an award for.

The aim of this project was to transform the space into a dreaming mind. The theme was based around archive memory and dreams and how over time these two things can often intertwine. More information and images in the installation section of this website.

Misty Road
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