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Audio Production

A song that I recorded and mixed using ProTools in a studio setting. I wanted to capture a feeling of both live and produced music but still be of high quality.

(I recommend headphones!)

Beautiful Lie - Cormac Porter MixTadhg
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Disclaimer: Artist's photo is not mine.

This is an audioscape project I did in my final year, I had to get creative as it was made during the lockdown so there was no access to college facilities. Due to this I delved into audio from home videos and set up a make-shift home studio to record the piano and my reading of the poem by Emer McLaughlin. To add a bit of chaos and insecurity I recorded three versions of the poem, one in a whisper, one speaking normally and one shouting from the other side of the room (David Bowie inspired!). I then layered these three versions, panning slightly to distinguish themselves and voila! Hope you enjoy, and as always, headphones recommended.

I'm Afraid I'm Yours (Poem by Emer McLaughlin)Cormac Porter
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